Customer Testimonials

“One carpenter came, assessed the work, ripped out the rotting boards, bought the new lumber, replaced the rotted boards, reinforced the supporting beams and then applied a mildew killer to the finished and repaired deck. He also moved the plants on my deck carefully and replaced them too. I liked the carpenter very much. He was professional, punctual, honest and a careful and hard worker. The company was responsive as well. My experience with them was good.”

– Laurie S., Ravenna (Seattle)

“Mr. Handyman initially came to address a leaky window 16′ high. The technician handled the leaky window right away, so I had him do other things on my list. He was so quick and efficient I could barely keep up with new tasks for him. He grouted a few tiles, put on a segment of rubber base, painted my front and back door sills, and prepped my steel tube handrail up my front stairs for painting.  The man was really efficient and low-key. He let me know that one of the tasks I gave him would take much more preparation than he could do in his first two hours. I appreciated his honest assessment. Two hours of their service put an end to a year’s worth of nagging little projects.”

– Lori K., Wedgwood (Seattle)

“Mr. Handyman built a porch where our deck used to be, using our design. This involved removing the old decking floor and rebuilding first the floor, then building walls and screens and putting on a roof. The result is a beautiful custom designed screened-in porch.”

“Mr. Handyman was the first company we discussed building a porch with. We provided them with an architectural design and they provided direction to us for all the materials. In order to save us money, they recommended that we obtain/order most of the materials and that once we had all of them, then they would schedule a date to begin work. That way, we would again save money by ensuring there would be no delays, while waiting for deliveries or having them run out to get materials. When we called to say we had the materials, a date was scheduled, within two weeks for the work to begin. The technician arrived on time every day and informed us every step of the way, about what was happening. Since the porch was custom built, he had to do a lot of figuring out, what to do. He built the screens himself and added features that we wouldn’t have thought of. It was finished in 10 days, as planned.”

– Dorothy, Maple Leaf (Seattle) 

“Mr. Handyman did three projects for us.  We had a laundry chute without a door, replaced some siding on the  side of our house and my husband had installed a door that was square but not plumb and he repositioned the door correctly.  He was excellent!! He went the extra mile for us!! We are thinking about using Mr. Handyman again for other projects around the house.”

– Jennifer, Crown Hill (Seattle)

“Mr. Handyman rebuilt two broken windows for me, and rebuilt some steps to the porch. The windows required a complete rebuild, since there is no opening even close to square on my ancient house. They also cleaned out my gutters.   The jobs went very well. The technicians always did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. The work was first rate. One technician had to craft the windows back at his shop and bring them back to install. He did so well and promptly. He was free with helpful advice about a bunch of other projects I had going. He was a good guy to talk to, as well. Very knowledgeable and practical.”

– Dan, Queen Anne (Seattle)

“Mr. Handyman repaired two door frames that were damaged during a break-in. Scheduling was terrific (and fast). Person arrived on-time and completed the work as discussed. Quality was great. Overall, I would recommend this company to others.”

– Cory, Wallingford (Seattle)

“Installed a “portable” air conditioner (Hah! Don’t really know why they call it that, as you have to punch an 8″ hole in your wall for the exhaust hose, and trim and caulk it in place!). Also hung a towel hook, and walked around our home and yard with us to look at all the projects we have in mind for the future, so he could get his office to send us price quotes, which are still pending.  The young man arrived at our door exactly on time. He was clean, friendly, and patient with us as we walked him through the house and yard, pointing out things we were interested in having him do, if not then, then possibly in the future. It took the whole four hours we’d requested, between our talking and him actually working, to get the job done, but not a minute more, and he even managed to put up a towel hook for me before he left! He DID forget one part though, which we would never have noticed. But the next morning he surprised us by knocking at our door, asking if he could just pop in quickly, at no additional charge to finish. We’ll definitely call them again.”

– Sharon, Green Lake, (Seattle)

“I just wanted to tell you what a great job Mr Handyman did at our house last week. We got our gutters cleaned, 4 new smoke detectors installed, a new porch light installed and a new burner installed on the stove (Just in time for Thanksgiving!). In addition the gentleman gave us a detailed parts list of the items he’d need to fix our kitchen exhaust fan and told us that when we get the parts to call him back and he would fix that too.”

–Crystal J, Renton, WA – Nov 08

“I would like to take this time to tell you how happy I am with the service I received from your staff. From the wonderful lady who answered the phone. She was so very helpful and she understood your company’s business processes extremely well. To the technician that came to my house. He was very quick and professional. He saw what needed to be done and wasted no time in completing the task at hand. Thank you to these people I had the pleasure of dealing with.”

–Sherrie B, Covington, WA – July 09

“We want you to know how happy we are to have chosen “Mr Handyman” to do our various jobs we can’t do ourselves. The whole experience with your “Helping You” business that helps people like us, was great. Your pleasant voice and personality was important to us and the fast response time to getting our jobs done was really appreciated! Thanks for sending your technician to us. He was the nicest person who knew the jobs and did them to the utmost of skill and pride. He was respectful and provided a job well done.”

Jackie P, Renton, WA – June 09

“Excellent Service! I would definitely use Mr. Handyman again.”
(Office note: as of Aug 09 this customer is now a 4 time repeat customer)

Kathleen V, Mercer Island, WA – Aug 08

“Excellent service. Arrived on time, provided great service, well informed. Would definitely use them again.”

Elsa W, Renton, WA – June 08

“Thank you so much for the photos and the explanation of what we needed – I sounded so wise when I called the chimney folks! I got in the car after you left and the radio was tuned to NPR – They had a repair expert from the Phinney HOA talking about …cricket roofing, chimney flashing, water damage…..it was phenomenal. Of course everything you’d just told me was immediately validated and I found myself nodding along sagely, saying ‘yep, that’s right!’ Thanks again for the advice. See you on Monday to finish up.”

Colleen H, Sammamish, WA – Nov 06

“I wanted to say: that working with friendly people and the job was done right makes such a big difference!!! Our technician was great and we are looking at him doing some more work here. He needs a raise. He is good.”

Julie D, Bellevue, WA – Oct 06

“Thank you, The technician did a great job. I appreciate his knowledge and his positive attitude. I will be happy to refer your company to others.”

Darla W, Redmond, WA – Apr 08

“Hi – Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service. I’ve got several smaller items ticked off the list, and I have discussed some options and estimates hours for my larger projects. I would like to say that my technician was great – very knowledgeable and efficient as well as friendly and enjoyable to have around. I understand that he is new to the company. He is a keeper! Also your CSR has been pleasant and helpful, and her follow up is appreciated. Old houses mean lots of upkeep, and as my budget allows, I fully intent to entrust my projects to your company.”

Kim A, Fall City, WA – Aug 07

“Just wanted to tell you what a great job your tech did at our rental property in Bellevue. He was very kind, efficient and knowledgeable! You sure hire great people.”

Cheryl J, Bellevue, WA – Apr 08

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our project. We couldn’t be happier with the bathroom! Your consistency, skill, detail orientation and pleasant demeanor made the whole process really easy for us. Thank you again. Learn to install bamboo flooring!”

Tatjana S, Redmond, WA – Feb 08

“I’d like to submit an example of some very handy work. While this project was completed a couple of years ago, I believe that recognition is still deserved. When we moved into our 1950’s home in Bellevue, the house had a carport and limited storage space. To gain storage space, we met with Mr. Handyman of SE Bellevue to discuss converting the carport into a garage. Not only did they complete the garage renovation but they made it look like it was original to the house. We are very pleased with the quality and stability of our garage!”

Michelle K, Bellevue, WA – Jan 09

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