Yard & Deck

Pressure washing


Mr Handyman has both large and small pressure washers and can clean houses, decks patios and driveways.

We are careful to use the both the proper size pressure washer as well as the nozzle size on the job. Too much pressure can damage some surfaces. Not enough will not get it clean.

We also have surface disks for driveway and walkway cleaning that is both more thorough and faster.

Deck Cleaning


When Mr Handyman cleans a deck we use a combination of low pressure washing and deck cleaners. Northwest decks are usually covered with moss, mold and mildew associated with the frequent rains. Cleaning a wood deck in this area requires the use of cleaners that are designed to remove these elements from the surface without gouging it or damaging the plants around your deck.

Wood Fence Repairs

Wood Fence Repairs

Repairing fences is not so much an art form as it is a function of persistence. If the wood won’t hold a screw or the post will no longer stand up, it’s time to replace some or all of the material. Mr Handyman has walked a lot of fences and we are adept at installing the right hardware to get that old fence to last a few more years. We can replace fence posts, add support brackets or reinforcing wood.

If you need a new fence, we can do that too. Mr Handyman will fabricate your fence in a way that gives it the best chance to last.

We also do gate repairs.

Deck Repair


Need a deck board, railing or steps repaired? Mr Handyman has the carpentry knowledge to do the job right.

We will remove old rotten wood and replace it with new pressure treated or cedar.

Did you know that metal that touches pressure treated wood must be coated, galvanized or stainless steel? Mr Handyman does. The chemicals used to treat wood are no longer arsenic based but they do contain corrosive agents that attack metal. Triple dipped galvanized nails, deck screws or joist brackets or stainless steel are now the only appropriate hardware for pressure treated wood.

New Deck Construction


Want a new deck or add on to an existing one? Mr Handyman can help you can pick out and design your new deck and we can put it together for you. We can provide time and material estimates or can provide bids on larger deck projects.

Want a waterproof or composite deck with metal and glass railings? Click here for more information on decks.


Deck Sealing


If your deck needs to be sealed, you should wait until the wood is completely dry. New pressure treated wood very often needs to dry for weeks or even months before the moisture trapped in the wood is gone. It’s best to seal a new pressure treated wood surface late in the summer when the wood has had the longest period to dry out. Once it’s dry, using an opaque deck stain gives your deck the best chance of lasting. Opaque deck stains will protect from both water but also the sun.

If the deck is newer then the use of semi-transparent deck stains will help keep the deck looking good for a long time. Once it gets older the blemishes will show through a semi-transparent finish.

Gutter cleaning and repair


Believe it or not, gutters are not there to collect leaves and needles. They are intended to collect the water running off the roof and keep it from splashing on the ground and up on to and damaging the siding.

Gutter and downspout cleaning is one of the most common home maintenance tasks. Mr Handyman does more than just clean gutters. We tune them up if needed so that your gutters have the best chance of protecting your home.

Gutter Protective covers

GutterCovers It took 5 years of testing and validation but we finally found a gutter cover product that we consider good enough to be endorsed by Mr Handyman. The helmut type covers let too many small needles in. The sponge fillers allow debris to pile up and seedlings to germinate. The gutter screens are not selective enough and they allow debris to pass through and they don’t allow it to slough off.

Mr Handyman sells and installs the stainless steel type gutter protection covers and if properly installed, they will provide the least amount of maintenance. There is no such thing as maintenance free product. However gutter protection filters by EcoGuard are the best solution for the northwest. Click here for more information on EcoGuard.

Mr Handyman is not a one product company so our pricing for gutter filter installs can very often be half what the gutter companies charge. In addition we don’t sell gutters so we are not going to sell you on new gutters unless you need them.

Landscape repairs


Mr Handyman is not a landscape design or maintenance company. We leave that for the guys with the lawn mowers. We can however do landscape repairs or even landscape development tasks.

We can repair low voltage lighting. We can drill a hole and install a valve in a concrete fountain. We can do lots of tasks that may not be common but our expert problem solvers can figure out.