Doors & Trim

Exterior Door Install or Exterior Door Repair


Exterior doors are intended to make your home look good, keep out un-wanted visitors and help keep it warm and comfortable. Mr Handyman can help with new door installation or we can tune up your existing door. Mr Handyman can trouble shoot your door, make repairs, replace weatherstripping or can help when replacing an old worn out door is needed.

Installing a new exterior door can also add additional curb appeal. These main entryways welcome family, friends and prospective buyers into your home. For added protection we can install door jamb reinforcements or storm doors which can also provide an additional layer between your home and the elements.

Pet Door Installs


Tired of scratches on the doors? In addition to people doors, Mr Handyman can help install pet doors through either doors or walls. If you need help selecting a quality Pet Door, we can help.

Pocket Doors

Pocket-Door Pocket doors are very often the best way to close off a room where the swing of the door in either direction would cause an obstruction. When they are working, they are great. When they go wrong, they can go very wrong. Mr Handyman can repair or replace pocket doors but please be aware that the track is inside the wall and fixing a pocket door properly can sometimes mean an invasive expedition of the area inside the wall. One of the advantages of working with us is that if we need to open up the wall to make repairs, we have experience to do it right and the skill to put everything back together.

Molding, Trim, Casing Install or Repair


Floor and crown molding, chair rails and door casing are just a few ways to finish a room. Mr Handyman can help repair, replace or install new trim and molding that will give the room polish. Expert finish carpentry and painting services are just a couple of options. We can also help with Wainscoting which can provide a bit of flare.